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Nobody Understands, Unless you go through it.

I have an anxiety disorder, and because of it my whole life I have been treated like absolute SHIT by teachers, and medical professionals. They don’t realise how much it actually takes over my life. MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS, do you know how pathetic that is? Yesterday, I went to get my wisdom teeth out, I got in the chair and they hooked me up. & It was just too much, my heart rate was 150, and my blood pressure was 148/98, that alone should tell you that it was more then just a little fucking fear. The oral surgeons first reaction was “Ok lets give you some nitrous to calm you down” and when I refused my mom was like “can you give her an Ativan so she can relax a bit and she can make a rational decision?” he legit thought my mom was TRICKING me into getting the surgery, and he very quickly became very short with me and my mom saying. “no we’re not going to trick her into getting it done by going one step at a time. we can’t make her do anything and we’re not going to force her to do anything she can’t handle” and I left, im not ready to get it done. Yes, I know I would be fine and that its not that bad. My anxiety took over and I couldn’t do it. he was acting like I was a fucking psycho. Do you know how much that hurts? to be treated like im a 5 year old scared child? no.

Im a young adult with a moderate to severe anxiety disorder. YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT I GO THROUGH AND HAVE GONE THROUGH MY WHOLE LIFE. there is a HUGE difference from having normal anxiety, and having an anxiety disorder, where it takes over your life. Since I was 9 years old I have had severe anxiety attacks that a few times have resulted in me, throwing up, or being sedated because the attack had been going on for 3 hours.

Anyways my point is, is that you should not judge someone for a mental illness, or treat them like shit because you don’t know there is something more going on, because you have no idea how awful it makes the person feel. Im tired of being treated so horribly in situations where people don’t understand.

When I become a nurse, I will NEVER be short if my patient is overly frightened, I can relate to them more then anyone, I will do my very best, to help them calm down, and if they cant get something done because of it, I will tell them how proud I am of them that they at least got that far, and they were very brave anyways. Medical professionals need to better understand those with mental illness, because even if its not in their field of medicine, they still deal with it.

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